Hardware and software I use

All the cool things that either help me be productive or simply awesome and pleasant to use.


  • 13” MacBook Pro, M1, 16Gb RAM (2021)

    Simply fastest machine I ever had. But, running out of the hard drive storage. If you can - do yourself a favour and buy as much storage as possible.

  • Logitech MX Keys (keyboard)

    Best keyboard ever - heavy and durable, so it doesn’t move, with backlight and pleasant typing experience. The only candidate I’d change it for, is to try fancy split keyboards, but this is too risky at the moment.

  • Logitech MX Master 3 (mouse)

    Great mouse that supports all the MacBook movements (switching screens etc)

Dev tools

  • Neovim

    Personalized configuration that I always work on

  • iTerm 2

    Thing I run neovim in. Not sure why I don’t use native terminal, can’t remember and now it’s stuck with me.

Design tools

  • Figma

    Go to design tool, when I need to cook something up quickly


  • Alfred

    Cannot image my day to day life without it now - it’s a super flexible launcher that lets you do any operation you need, using any programming language. I created a plugin for it, Github projects, feel free to check it out in Projects.

  • Reflect

    Keeping all my notes and info tight and secure, in one place. Fast, keyboard first, user friendly tool that lets me write down my thoughts at any time. Even easy to bookmark pages for later with help of its own Google Chrome plugin. Worth every cent it costs.