Things I’ve made trying to put my dent in the universe.

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of. Many of them are open-source, so if you see something that piques your interest, check out the code and contribute if you have ideas for how it can be improved.

  • Zendesk Apps Boilerplate

    I was creating a ton of Zendesk applications and needed to do it fast. This allowed me to go faster and seems to be liked by others too.

  • Zafster

    Zendesk CRM application that allows support agents to extract Zendesk data from ticket into a Google Spreadsheet. My first passive $2 income.. :)


  • Wally

    Cross-platform application to manage your Desktop applications (works on Mac, Windows, Linux). Images are taken from

  • Alfred Github plugin

    Personal day-2-day use - Alfred plugin to find any repository / PRs that I need. Rewrite from an existing Php version in Go. Blazingly fast stuff.

  • Portfolio website

    This website you are currently on. Powered by Nextjs and Notion as CMS, sprinkled with Tailwind.